Top 10 Lists to become Miss Universe

And as she waved to the crowd, her crown fell off! But no one minded for she was the most beautiful in the whole world. Miss Universe – Becoming one isn’t easy. Don’t you also wish that you should at least get close to becoming the most beautiful woman? Doesn’t a man want to look like that Mr. Universe he saw in the television screen just some time back?

Well, dreams are one thing and executing them is another. If only thoughts could achieve targets, then the world wouldnt have been short of success and competition wouldn’t have been a popular word at all. Top 10 lists to become Miss Universe after the break...
So all good things start with a simple logic – Habit. Everything that we do is habitual. Good food and diet too is a way of life, a habit. So the top ten lists of good food is only an attempt to make you aware of the mistakes that you make while planning a diet for yourself or for your family.

One of the first things that you have to do when you get up in the morning is have a full glass of water. If this water is warm and has a dash of lime juice then nothing like it. The theory is that lime is an anti toxin and ensures that your system is cleansed out first thing in the morning.

The second thing to do is to have a vegetable juice after some time. The vegetables have the inherent chemicals which alter the toxic level in the body. Early morning sees a lot of toxicity in the digestive tract due to the long night which has passed processing the foods you had for dinner. So the vegetable is one of the top ten lists of to do things in the morning. Extracts of beetroot, gourd and carrots are good to have first thing in the morning.

The third thing in the top ten lists of good food is to consume fruits at least four times a day beginning from breakfast. These fruits are best had fresh, so have it as soon as you cut them. Try to avoid that extra dash of salt in the fruits as too much salt is not good for health.

For breakfast stick to cereals, and carbohydrates. Cornflakes, muesli and bread are popular besides your local favorites. For example if you are in India you could have poha, upma, idlis and dosas for breakfast.

Ensure that you have your levels of calcium everyday by consuming milk or yoghurt. This is important.

Folic acid and iron are very important on an everyday level. So ensure your lunch has sufficient space for spinach which is a source of iron and corn which gives you folic acid.

Salads are a must in the top ten lists for lunch. Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day.

Try to have a full fruit instead of fruit juice.

Avoid biscuits, candies, cakes, fried food and sugar coated stuff.

Top ten lists are endless but you should know to stick to the basics at least. Maybe you are paving the path to be another Miss Universe?

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