10 Facts about Friday

Congratulations to all the successful completion of the work week, and wishing to different outputs, to share with you another set of facts. At this time – on Friday …10 facts after the break...

01. In the U.S. they say about Friday «TGIF» – of «Thank God It’s Friday» («Thank you, Lord, today is Friday!”) Or another version of «Take Good In Fridays» («Happy holidays”)

02. On ancient legends Wednesday and Friday – two angels, who will make a person into heaven.

03. 20 years ago, the collective unconscious fear of Friday the precipitated on 13th number, the American psychologist Donald Dossey coined a special term, “Paraskavedekatriafobiya.” According to the results of his research, in this day America loses $ 900 million due to decline of productivity.

04. ”Friday” – the proper name of the character of the novel by Daniel Defoe’s “Robinson Crusoe”, the native and the novel’s heroine, “Friday, which kills” the science fiction of Heinlein – spy and trained killer.

05. In Islam, Friday – a day off. It is believed that this day would come to an end. In Christianity, Friday – the day that was executed by Jesus Christ.

06. In most places, where the adopted five-day week, Friday – the last working day before the weekend and is therefore seen as an occasion for celebration and relaxation – “Friday’s syndrome.”

07. The legendary band «The Cure» Friday devoted one of his most famous songs – «Friday I’m In love».

08. In Catholic countries Friday – the sixth, not fifth day of the week.

09. In old Germanic tribes, the day of the week was dedicated to the goddess Freya, which is why in English Friday called Friday.

10. In 1826, Vyazemsky wrote the poem “Seven Fridays in the week,” on which Pushkin wrote to the author, wrote: “Seven Fridays” – the best your vaudeville. “

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