Lake Yueyatsyuan the Oasis

 Lake Yueyatsyuan (spring " new moon") is surrounded by mountains Minshashan. In ancient times it was called medical spa or pit in the sad. The water of this lake is crystal clear. From the desert to the lake just a few tens of meters. A source int he form of  a Crescen Yueyatsyuan in dray desert - it's just a miracle. 14 more images after the break...

 Yueyatsyuan Lake — Crescent-shaped lake in the oasis of Dunhuang,  5 km southwest of Dunhuang (Gansu Province, China). According to measurements performed in 1960, the average depth of the lake ranges was  4 to 5, maximum depth  7.5 m. Since the depth of the lake constantly decreased. By the early 190s, a mirror of the lake was reduced to only 5.50 m. Lake and the surrounding desert is very popular among tourists.

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