Bollywood's Top 10 Pin-up Boys

Our B-town boys are no less than the ladies when it comes to capturing the fancy of millions. These men have sensationalised the nation with their style and their ability to relate with the masses. Girls swoon over the mention of their names and boys idolise them try their best to emulate the stars. The following 10 actors are those who, at present, ruling people's hearts and are their favourite pin-up boys.
10. Akshay Kumar 
Akki is first choice of 80's girls. Acting wise, his comedy project was a hit. Action wise, his dance became a chart buster. What's more? His cute smile and warm appeal make him extremely desirable among st girls. As for guys, he is one of the coolest guys around and a lot of them take inspiration fom him. 09 more after the break...

09. Hrithik Roshan
Hrithik Roshan is the ultimate Greek god of Bollywood and this his good looks have the ability to impress just about anyone. Add to his credit some huge blockbusters and we have a favourite superstar that people desire and religiously follow.

08. Abhay Deol

Those cute dimples and and understated sex-appeal seem to have a magical effect on girls. Guys, in the meanwhile, will definitely try to emulate someone who has the ability to turn on girls all over the nation. Abhay has been quietly winning himself more and more fans and becoming one of the hottest pin-up boys.

07. Neil Nitin Mukesh

His exotic looks bring about an element of mysterious charm in his personality. Everyone wants to know the boy behind those hazel eyes. Neil has also impressed with his choice of roles. He is merely a few films old but has the knack for different roles and hence avoids getting stereotyped.

06. Arjun Rampal

Who doesn't like Bollywood's style king. His journey from modelling has been with ups and downs but Arjun has an unmistakable sensuality about him which gets girls going gaga. Arjun is indeed one of the best looking men in the list and that only makes it even better.

05. Imran Khan

Breaking on the screen with 'Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na' Imran became an overnight sensation. His quirkiness separated him from the rest of the Bollywood actors. He is totally original, drips cuteness, and the fact that he is very much married doesn't bring down his popularity even a little bit.

04. Shahid Kapoor

Shahid Kapoor took his time to emerge as a major star and when he did, nobody could miss it. He has re-defined his chocolate boy looks and become totally yummy. That sheepish grin and subtle mannerisms manage to win just about everybody. Miss Chopra, we hope you know that you've bagged a winner for yourself.

03. Ranbir Kapoor

So Ranbir has been tagged as THE Womaniser of the industry. He is being linked left, right and centre at the moment and we can't say how true they are but we think he does have an eye for pretty girls and pretty girls too, love to love him. Irrespective of his diminishing reputation, girls can't stop falling for him and guys can't stop following him (even in the love department).

02. Salman Khan

Salman Khan's mass appeal has touched new heights post his 'Dabangg' success. His fan following is like never before and everybody wants a piece of him. Sallu has beaten everyone in terms of success and is the hottest property in town.He has been and will be India's favourite pin-up boy irrespective of his age.

01. John Abraham

The reason why we have placed John Abraham ahead of others is because his sex-appeal, which is an essential element of a pin-up boy, can't be matched by anybody else. His yellow under-pants in 'Dostana' created a hysteria in the nation and is still the ultimate image of a perfect metrosexual guy. Young guys relate to him and older men try to be like him. As for girls, words won't suffice to describe John's following.

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