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Michelle Oswald (Michael Oswald) from childhood he knew that his future will be connected with the arts. Not thinking himself capable of becoming a professional artist, Michelle went to study at a graphic designer. "Classes are mainly focused on commercial logos, advertising, and all of this was more like a job than a calling. Sitting in the gallery,  Oswald often indulged in Photoshop and 3D Studio Max, to draw any pictures that he looked cool, but According to the teachers, they were quite unattractive commercially. " Today, the work Michael Oswald not only commercially successful, but also stylistically unique. Michelle is working on a photo. Comes up with the concept of the image, looking for the right model, makes about 400 frames per shot, selects 3-4 best, and then sits down at the desktop, munching Cheetos and convert photos unrecognizable. Artist tools are Canon 5D with 50mm, 1.4, quad PC with 6 GB of RAM, Photoshop. 15more images after the break... 

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