Illustration Art of Rob Rey

There are things, hopefully many, that make each of us feel alive in the greatest sense of the word. Through these things we gain a greater understanding of our selves and a more balanced view of the world around us. For Rob, art is among the most powerful of these things, accompanied by nature, people and new experience. 16 more images after the break...

Rob grew up with an inquisitive mind in a suburb north of Chicago. He studied at the Rhode Island School of Design and graduated in 2006 with a BFA in Illustration. Rob currently resides in Providence, Rhode Island, where he works continuously to improve his skills and clarify his voice. Maintaining that inquisitive mind that drives education and growth, he hopes to make pictures that speak and inspire.

To have this impact, Rob's work must contain some important aspects. It may be beauty, grace, elegance, secrecy or sorcery. It may be the evidence of the human hand in creation. Whatever it is, there must be enchantment, some allure that invokes in the viewer a feeling of connection to the mystery of the universe, to the enigma of the unconscious. Acquaintance with this mystery, and it's inherent subjectivity, guides each of us to understand the error of our own righteousness and bigotry, helping us to live together more peacefully.

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