Massage By Snakes

Most of the resorts are named like that call our mind as the atmosphere of happiness and tranquility. But the spa in the small village of Talma Elazar in northern Israel bears a proud name “Farm carnivorous plants.” Not everyone dare to Visit this unusual spa, lets take a look why?

Such a pleasant and “terrible” procedure offered to the northern Israeli tourists.
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For massage use non-poisonous snakes –  The king, Spotted one and milk Snakes came from California and Florida.

The main condition for a person to hit on a massage table is they need to put down the fear, disgust, and generally unhealthy feelings about the reptiles.

Then you can relax and get the most out procedures.

Ada Barak invented the procedure, the owner of the local “Farm carnivorous plants” and, simultaneously, a spa resort,This place has become a major attraction in the village of Talma Elazar in northern Israel.

Communicating with tourists, she always give them nonpoisonous snakes touch, who lived in the greenhouse, and accidentally discovered the therapeutic effects of these Treatment.

Ada said- ”Some people have told me that the touch of snakes made them feel better, more relaxed,” .

As it is turned out – physical contact with reptiles give a  unknown sense to visitors .

Snake have the ability to de-stress its known since ancient times, so her idea is not much new.

Type of massage depends on the length of the snake: the larger (eg royal snake and spotted climbing snakes) relieves pain in the muscles of the back …

 …And reptiles cause less effect, give overall relaxation and create a pleasant vibration.

Long time the main attraction of farms were not snakes, and carnivorous plants. Visitors could see the vegetable traps intended for insects, reptiles and rodents, as well as the absorption of food plants, predators.

But after when Ada Barak has opened a new way of snake massage, the farm began to arrive thrills fans of all ages.

Massage  is like a shock therapy session, when the therapist puts several snakes on the client stomach,, a desire to scream and run away becomes almost irresistible. However, it soon replaced the new sensation.

5-6 snakes, do not feel too comfortable on the human body, each crawling to his side. An experienced massage therapist returns cool and smooth, “healers” in the place, confusing them so that they stay cool longer ball.

Dr. Nava Besher conducting sessions reptilievoy therapy, argues that the serpent is the symbol of medicine without reason.

We stopped at the “Farm poisonous plants” Ada Barak, argue that the touch of snakes facilitates relaxation.

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