Old Boeing Recycled as Homes

A resident of the U.S. state of Oregon, Bruce Campbell bought an old Boeing 727 passenger plane and turned it into his house. Have a look…

01. Bruce Campbell offers one of the nine exits in the aircraft, which he found in the woods in the town of Hillsboro, Oregon. 

 “Aircraft are flying homes for people,” Campbell said. “They stay in the sky sometimes for 12 to 14 hours at a time and people have to eat and use the toilet and do almost everything else we normally do -- and all of those facilities are in there. They’re built along with lighting and climate control, everything. 10 more images after the break...

02. The owner is resting on the couch in his apartment. The size of his unusual living space is about 40 meters and 4 din in width. 

03. Campbell replaced the flooring in the cabin, making it transparent.  

04. Kempell unloads his car, parked it under the right wing of the aircraft.

05. Ladder at the rear of the aircraft - the main entrance to the dwelling. 

06. Toilet next to the entrance stairs. Only one of three existing on-board, which functions. 

07. Bruce Campbell is on the phone, sitting at his desk. He was an electrical engineer at the table collects instruments for testing of medical equipment - my little business. 

 08. Cab.

09. The nose of the plane hangs above the ground.

10. Exterior lighting is fully operational aircraft.

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