Thai Restaurant on Tree

If picnicking under a tree seems a little been there, done that to you, why not give picnicking atop a tree a try? At theSoneva Kiri Eco Resort in Thailand, guests have the option to dine in a lofty woven Tree Pod perched 16 feet off the ground. And as if that wasn't already cool enough, all of the food and beverages arrive courtesy of a flying waiter via a zip line! Click through the gallery to see photos of all of the treetop dining options and the other luxurious green amenities at the Soneva Kiri. 09 more images after the break...

Soneva Kiri is comprised of 42 resort villas and 21 spectacular private residences that sit on 150 acres of lush tropical rainforest and beaches. In addition to being absolutely gorgeous, the resort prides itself on its environmentally conscious practices. Strategies like passive cooling, daylighting, recycling rainwater catchment and natural filtration and green roofs help the resort achieve its green goals, Guests are also offered the option to ride in electric carts and bicycles on their way to the beaches instead of in cars. — Soneva Kiri

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