The Most Important Holy Places in the World

In recent years, religious tourism is becoming more popular. believers become more interested in religion wakes. Religious places, very charming, regardless of beliefs and religions out there that are promoted. People come to these places to close to God, have faith or cured. 


Kaaba - the most important sacred site of the Islamic world. The history of this place as sacred, stretches back long before the time of the Prophet Muhammad. Once upon a time there was a haven Arab statues of gods. Kaaba is located in the center of the courtyard the Sacred Mosque in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. 09 more after the break...


Borobudur was discovered in the 19th century in the jungles of the island of Java, Indonesia. This sacred temple is a wonderful design, including 504 Buddha statues and 2,700 relief. Complete history of this temple is a mystery, yet it is not known exactly who built this temple, and for what purpose. Also, do not know why such a magnificent temple was abandoned.

Church of Las Lajas

One of the amazing beauty and important sacred places in the world - the church of Las Lajas - was built only a little less than a century ago - in 1916 - the place where according to legend the people was the Holy Mary. A woman with her ??sick daughter, a deaf-mute on the shoulders went through these places. When she stopped to rest, her daughter suddenly started speaking for the first time in his life, and told of a strange vision in the cave. This vision has become a mysterious image, whose origin has not been established to this day, after a detailed analysis. On the surface of the stone allegedly remained paint pigments, although she could vestsya deep into the stone. Despite the fact that the image is not restored, it is very bright.

Hagia Sophia

Cathedral of Saint Sophia in Istanbul - a truly amazing place, it affects everyone, not even particularly religious nor God nor Allah. It has an enviable history of the church, which began with the construction of the Christian church in the 4th century AD by the Byzantine Emperor Constantine I. Once it was the most important Christian church, until it was eclipsed by St Peter's in Rome. Church ceased to exist after the conquest of Constantinople by the Turks, led by Mehmet II in 1453, and settled in the building of the temple mosque. Despite the fact that the Hagia Sophia were built towers - minarets, all internal images of Christians were not destroyed, but only hidden under a layer of plaster.

St. Peter's Cathedral

St. Peter's Cathedral - one of the most amazing Catholic cathedrals in the world - is located in the Vatican. He is one of the holiest places of Christians and the church itself was built in the 17th century. This is not only one of the most beautiful architectural structures, but also one of the largest and most spacious. The Cathedral can simultaneously accommodate up to 60,000 people! It is believed that under the altar is the tomb of St. Peter.

Sanctuary of Apollo

The Temple of Apollo was built as much as 3,500 years ago and still have not forgotten. The Greeks considered it a "center of the world", they came here, like many pilgrims from different countries in order to hear the prophecy of the Oracle of Delphi - Being stoned priestess, through the mouth of a supposedly spoken by God to the believers.

Mahabodhi temple

Mahabodhi Temple is one of the most impressive holy places in the world and the most sacred place for Buddhists. Every year it attracts thousands of Buddhist and Hindu pilgrims and tourists. People believe that this is the place where Siddhartha Gautama attained enlightenment and became the Buddha.

Luxor temple

Luxor Temple - an amazing and magical place. It is so huge that its walls could accommodate an entire village. Built in the 14th century BC, the temple was dedicated to Amun (later, Amon-Ra), the most important of all the gods of the Egyptians. At night, the temple is illuminated by hundreds of lights, offering tourists an unforgettable sight to see.

Notre Dame

One of the most famous cathedrals in the world, and also one of the most beautiful in Paris. It was built between 1163 and 1250 and is considered one of the most important monuments of Gothic architecture. Being a witness to many historical events, the Cathedral of the damaging and often several times thoroughly restored. Today he is one of the symbols of France and an important tourist attraction, see which attracts believers and ordinary tourists.

Ta Prum

Ta Prum - Angora one of the temples, the temple complex, dedicated to the god Vishnu in Cambodia. It was built in the late 12th century AD by King Jayavarman Khmenskoy Empire VII. Isolated and deliberately abandoned in the jungle, as the rest of the temple complex, Ta Prum was conquered wildlife. It is this aspect attracts the most tourists - they dream of seeing an abandoned and overgrown temple thousands of years.

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