Top 10 Olympic Medal Winning Countries

The Olympics is a widely known event that has been held in several countries over the years and has made for itself a niche in the sporting world that is surpassed by no other. Each country since the inception of the Olympics has strived to be able to host it and also to win the most medals in the cut throat competition.  It is a matter of national pride if any competition within the event is won by a certain country’s representative. The wide TV and press coverage alone makes it an extremely important event no matter what country any sports enthusiast is in. Below is a detailed list of all the countries that have made it to the top ten as far as medal winning is concerned.

The United States Of America

The USA is right at the top of the list with having participated in every session of the Olympics since its inception. They also have the best track record to date. According to record they have only ever missed one Olympics which was in 1980 and this session was boycotted due to certain reasons. There is a committee in the USA that deals solely with its participation in the Olympics and it is known as USOC or The United States Olympic Committee. American participants are recorded to have won due to their own effort and talent about 2298 medals (summer games) and 253 (winter Olympics). Swimming and athletics have been America’s strongest sports throughout their participation and the maximum medals have been won for these. 09 more after the break...

Soviet Union

Following shortly after is the Soviet Union that has won a staggering total of 1204 medals. Their first appearance in the Olympics games was in 1952 and they have chosen to participate on quite a few occasions after that. They have often ranked either first or second in the lineup of most medals won for quite a few surveys. Nina Romashkova was the first woman participant to win a gold medal for her country at the Helsinki games in 1952. 12 of 15 different Soviet republics competed in 1992 and came in second place.

Great Britain

This country is third and has won some 689 medals in its overall record of participation in the Olympic Games. Initially, representatives of Great Britain included the Irish, hailing dominantly from Northern Ireland. Britain is one of the countries to have competed in the first ever Olympics, making a name for itself. This team is the only one to have ever managed to always get a gold medal in all the summer games. Great Britain also has a record of never having missed a single Olympics.


France comes at fourth, having won 679 medals according to records. This country has a track record of never having missed any of the Olympics Games regardless of where they have been held. For this statement there is only a small hitch on the fact that it cannot be firmly established whether Albert Corey’s participation is to be credited to France or the United States for the 1904 games. Cycling and fencing have been the most popular sports for the French and they have excelled largely in these sports more than any others. The Olympics games have been hosted by France about a total of 5 times. The French have also managed to win 94 medals additionally in the Winter Games.


Germany has to date won about 648 medals, falling only slightly behind France. Germany has participated since 1896. They have on 3 occasions hosted the event. German participants have won gold, silver and bronze medals in both the summer and winter games.


Italy has won a total of 595 medals and has competed in all the Olympic Games missing only the 1904 games. Italy has had the honor of hosting the event 3 times. They have won about 228 gold medals which is a staggering total and it makes them 4th in line as far as victories go. Italy has the Italian National Olympic Committee to regulate and deal with its participation in the games every four years. The committee was finalized in 1913. Italy has also participated in the Mediterranean Games.


Sweden is next in line with a grand total of 588 medals. Sweden has like many other not left out any Olympic Games and has participated in all of them with the exception of the 1904 games which is did not pay much attention to. They have only hosted the event once. Their established committee was also finalized in 1913.

East Germany

GDR or the German Democratic Republic has a separate Olympic committee to deal with its participation. They have managed to win about 519 medals in their Olympic career.


Hungary has participated in most or all summer and winter games since the inception of the Olympics. After World War 1 they were purposely not invited in 1920 and they also boycotted the games in 1984. Fencing has proved over time to be their most popular sport for participation and medal winning. They have won 454 medals and have never had the honor of hosting the game themselves. Nevertheless this is the most medals won by a country that has never been a host.


Finland comes in last but not least. They have won 446 medals and they began participating in 1908 and have never stopped since. They have hosted the event once. Wrestling and athletics seem to be their areas of expertise and they have won the most medals in these 2 sports. Their Olympic committee came into being properly in 1907.

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