Twitter New Headquarters in Market Square — San Francisco

01. Twitter HQ, 1355 Market Street, San Francisco

After announcing their intention to remain in San Francisco 14 months ago, Twitter has officially moved into their new digs in Market Square (1355 Market Street to be exact). The move may help revitalize an area where office space has sat vacant for decades. Market Square consists of two art-deco buildings that are comprised of 890,000 square feet of office space above 200,000 square feet of retail space. It was originally opened in 1937. Below you will find a gallery of Twitter’s new headquarters, shot by in-house photographer @TroyHolden, enjoy! 23 more images after the break...
02. Conference Room

03. Rooftop Garden

04. Common Space

05. Market Square Logo

06. 9th Floor Reception

07. Kitchenette

08. @Birdfeeder

09. Common Space

10. Board Room

11. Yoga Room

12. Common Space

13. Rooftop Garden

14. 9th Floor Reception

15. Larry’s Lounge 

16. Common Space 

17. Conference Room 

18. @birdfeeder

19. Common Space

20. Elevator Bank

21. Common Space

22. Twitter Art

23. @, Old Larry, New Larry, #

24. Larry’s Lounge

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