V8 Hotel for Car Fans

01. In total, the hotel offers 34 rooms.

In the German city of Stuttgart is one of the most unusual hotels in the world. Its interior uses a large number of cars. A culmination of this car is a disgrace bed, retro-styled car. 17 more images after the break...

02. By the way, in fact, the bed is not stylized retro-cars. Here, rather, the opposite. Old cars were converted into comfortable beds.

03. The interior of the hotel hints on roads and cars. Tables of engine or toilet with wheel motorcycle - the perfect solution.

04. V8 itself is on the site of the former airfield, which lasted about 30 years and was destroyed in 1945 by the Allies.

05. Next to the hotel is a museum of cars «Meilenwerk».

06. The cost of one room per day ranges from 100 to 300 euros.

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