Flight Attendants from different Countries

01. Brazil, Azul Brazilian Airlines

02. Singapore, Singapore Airlines

Many used the services of airlines to travel to another country. And some have to make flights daily. Do you know who they are? Of course, the flight attendant. And the flight without them seems boring and stale. We suggest that you look like flight attendants look like in 36 countries. Offered to your attention not only different countries but also different airlines - from budget to luxury. 42 more images after the break...

03. United Arab Emirates, Emirates Airlines

04. United Arab Emirates, Ethiad Airlines

05. United States, Pan American World Airlines

06. South Korea, Korean Air

07. South Korea, T'way Airlines

08. Belgium, Brussels Airlines

09. Canada, Porter Airlines

10. Hungary, Wizz Air

11. Ukraine, Windrose Airlines

12. Netherlands, Martinair

13. Jordan, Royal Jordanian Airlines

14. France, Air France

15. Finland, Finnair

16. Indonesia, Pelita Air

17. Austrian, Austrian Airlines

18. Vietnam, Vietnam Airlines

19. Slovakia, Sky Europe

20. Germany, Lufthansa, festive attire for attendants Oktoberfest

21. Germany, Lufthansa

22. Germany, Air Berlin

23. Bolivia, AeroSur

24. Malaysia, Airasia

25. Malaysia, Firefly

26. Malaysia, three different airlines

27. Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka Airlines

28. China, Sichuan Airlines

29. China, Sichuan Airlines

30. China, China Southern Airlines

31. Thailand, Thai Airways

32. India, Kingfisher Airlines

33. Philippines, Cebu Pacific Air

34. United Kingdom, British Airways

35. Japan, All Nippon Airways

36. Brunei, Royal Brunei Airways

37. Russia, Aeroflot

38. Hong Kong, Cathay Pacific

39. Hong Kong, Cathay Pacific

40. Hong Kong, Cathay Pacific

41. Hong Kong, Hong Kong Airlines

42. Italy, Air Italy

43. Switzerland, Swiss Airlines

44. Greece, Astra Airlines 

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