The Smallest Five Star Hotel

The Wedding House, the smallest 5-star hotel in the world, is located in Amberg, Germany and has only 53 square meters. Eh Hausl or The Wedding House in Amberg, Germany, is listed as the smallest 5 stars hotel in the world; and that for a good reason. It has an opening of only 2.5 meters and a total area of 53 square meters. The five-star hotel has an intimate air, so those who will choose to stay here will not regret it. 05 more images after the break...

The hotel is cramped between two other buildings in the area, but if the external image will not impress you, then the inside will definitely do so. However, there are obvious reasons for it carries the rank of five stars hotel. Here, you will enjoy all the comfort and pampering in the world. Customers from China or Mexico pay 240 euros for one night at Eh Hausl, and, believe it or not, the demand for accommodation is extremely high. (let’s not forget the hotel can only accommodate 1 couple at a time)

As you probably figured out, The Wedding House was not always a luxury destination. It was built in 1728, while authorities in Amberg allowed young people to marry only if they had ownership. A trader in the area came up with the idea of building smaller and cheaper buildings for future newly weds. That’s how the hotel got its name: Eh Hausl (The Wedding House)

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