10 Adorable Beaches

It doesn’t really matter where a beach is located it is always beautiful. But it always remains a center of attraction for the visitors. People get spell bounded by the scenic beauty of the beaches. They simply want to lose themselves in the warm water of the beaches and some beaches are exceptionally adorable. Here are some of the most unique and magnificent beaches of the world.

01. Glass Beach

no one ever considered that a dumping place for the deteriorated materials of the 2nd world war would become so colorful and exceptionally beautiful of the current modern time. This wonder happened in California. 09 more beaches after the break...

02. Inland Beach

This beach is completely inland and is in the existence because of the little cove. It is known as Gulpiyuri beach, located in Spain.

03. Bowling ball beach

Mendecino, California has a beach where there are thousands of rocks appear to have gathered together and look like a small army of the boulders. This beach is now famous with a name of “Bowling Ball Beach”. All the boulders are exactly similar in size and have equal spacing among them naturally.

04. World’s most crowded beach

Huiquan Beach in Qingdao, Shandong Province has a reputation of the world’s most crowded bathing beach and is the biggest sand beach of Asia.

05. Airport Beach

 This airport of Barra is the one and only airport of the world where planes land on the beach. This Scottish airport has only one British aeroplane company which provides the service from Glasgow and Benbecula commercially.

06. Hot Water Beach

 This volcanic beach is located in New Zealand and has about 1,30,000 visitors per year. Here temperature can reach up-to 64’C and you can bath only by digging a hole into it.

07.Refrigerated Beach

No wonder that Dubai is making wonder in this field too by building the worlds first refrigerated beach artificially to provide relief to the tourists from the scorching heat.

08. Red Sand Beach

This beach is located in the south of Hana Bay. Water shoes are recommended as it is having a cliff edge. The Cinder cone hill surrounding the bay gives it beautiful red color.

09. La Caleta Beach

This Spanish beach is now a days a center of attraction for thousands of tourist because of its clear water and beautiful sand color.

10. World’s whitest sand beach

This New South Wales has a Guinness world of being the world’s whitest sand beach in the world. This beach is now a great place of leisure and people enjoys it a lot.

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