Top 10 Most Bizarre Collections

There is an unusual collection? Please send us! In the meantime, we'll describe the most unusual collections of other people. 

01. Dimitrios Pistolas Afins - the owner of the world's largest collection of movie cameras. He owns 937 vintage models of cameras and projectors. 09 more after the break...

02. Since 2003, the Chinese collector Wang Guohua collect cig@rette packs. Today, their number is 30000 pcs more than 100 manufacturers.

03. Collection of Pokemon and their belongings Lisa Courtney has been included in the Guinness World Records and is 12 113 subjects.

04. Ron Hood, collecting candy. At the moment, his collection of 3,000 pieces. But he says that this number is not enough for the world level. 

05. Farmer Henry Kate shows off her collection of 20,000 beer steins.

06. Valley Hummer has a collection of rubber ducks, obshey numbering 2470 pieces.

07. Pam Barker has gathered a collection of 18,000 toy owls.

08. Ron Tyler has a huge collection of trinkets. 

09. Sharon Collection Badgley in 6000 Santa Claus dolls. 

10. Collecting stamps as a child?
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