Attractive Men of the Planet

The British edition of Heat World published a ranking of the sexiest men of the world. The list, compiled by the British edition, includes 25 men. Candidates for the title of $ex symbol, the readers determined the vote.

01. The model of sexuality patriotic Brits admitted the English footballer David Beckham.

The other winners also demonstrate Anglophile readers of mood. The first took place in the rankings themselves Britons, or inhabitants of the former colonies of the United Kingdom: United States, Canada and Australia. 09 more $exiest Men of the planet after the break...

02. In the second place Canadian Ryan Gosling in 2011 appeared in the films "The foolish love" and "Drive", won second place in the list.

03. Another Canadian actor - Ryan Reynolds, best known for the films "X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Wolverine, "" Sm0kin 'Aces, "was in third place in the ranking.

04. From the top three just behind American actor Bradley Cooper, starring in the films "Always say" Yes "," The Hangover "(2009).

05. Hero of the movie "Brokeback Mountain" and "Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time," American Jake Gyllenhaal took the fifth position.

06. The main vampire is present and dream of all adolescent girls, the Briton Robert Pattinson was on the sixth line.

07. In seventh place Brit Tom Hardy, known for his film "Rock 'n' rolschik," "Home" and "Spy, get out!".

08.  American Johnny Depp's British readers placed at the end of the first ten ranking. He is in eighth place.

09. Aussie Hugh Jackman, also known as Wolverine from the movies about people X, took ninth place.

10. Closes ten young American actor and singer Zac Efron.

11. George Clooney
12. Harry Judd
13. Gary Barlow
14. Adam Levine
15. Gerard Butler
16. James Franco
17. Taylor Lautner
18. Gary Stiles
19. Brad Pitt
20. Orlando Bloom
21. Justin Timberlake
22. Ollie Mears
23. Ian Somerhalder
24. Michael Fassbender
25. Tiny Temp 

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