Top 10 Ideas to Celebrate Your Anniversary

Although it seems by stereotype that men are notoriously forgetful of anniversaries and women seem very much the opposite, if you are a couple, an anniversary is indeed a milestone worth celebrating. You can take the opportunity to show your partner how much you love him/her, and more importantly, value him/her. Relationships are not something automatic. Even if you love each other very much, there still are some things you have to work on nurturing. It can be a task thinking up someway to make it special, more special than the routine dinner date. These top ten ideas may be of help.

01. A Nighttime picnic

This could be a romantic experience past comparison. You just have to find a suitable spot with a beautiful view. Pack the picnic basket full of special goodies like chocolates, wine, champagne, hot chocolate, cookies and other ‘romantic’ food. Let the locale handle the rest. 09 more after the break...
02. Cook them Dinner

Cooking a person dinner makes for superb brownie points. Set the atmosphere. Place lit candles on the table, and decorate the room with flowers, play romantic songs on the stereo, scatter rose petals. These set the mood and heighten anticipation.

03. Recreating Fond Memories

If you have a special day or time that you both remember, such as where you had your first date, or something relevant, you can try and reawaken fond memories by recreating the experiences. Take her or him to the place you met, concentrate on getting the details right, such as the music playing, the food you ate, the table you sat, the car you came in, all of that. Your partner will know how much thought you put in the matter.

04. Surprise getaways

Plan a surprise weekend getaway to somewhere nice, and do not let her or him know until the last minute. Make sure you respect any commitments she or he may have regarding work etc, and book every thing in advance. Take her on a seemingly ordinary long drive, which ends up at the airport, and surprise her with the trip to the romantic destination.

05. Romantic Scrapbooks or Photo Albums

Making Scrapbooks or collages is another way of recreating fond memories from your time together. Collect all the photos you may have of special and memorable occasions. You can spring it on her when you are done, or spend a quiet afternoon making it together. The cherished memories that will awaken will be the objective here.

06. A Visit to childhood neighborhood

Consider taking your partner to the neighborhood where they grew up. The old home, the school and other locations will flood in a multitude of precious memories that they can then share with you.

07. Surprise him or her at work

Show up where your partner works with a huge bouquet of flowers or over sized box filled with chocolates. Present it to her or him with everyone watching, and proclaim your love for him or her. Of course, this could backfire if he or she is easily embarrassed by public attention.

08. Deck your home up

Give your home a makeover as a surprise. Clean up stuff, make romantic additions like soft silk fabrics, scented candles, romantic music, rose petals everywhere. You can invite him or her to lie down and have a sensual massage.

09. Photo shoot

Find a good photographer, and go on a romantic photo shot as a couple. Some sensuality in the pictures wouldn’t be out of place here. It is also possible to opt for a photographer to follow you around discretely at a suitable park or some such location and click candid photos of both of you as a couple.

10. Love Coupons

Love coupons are a flirty and really fun way of saying things. Print a big batch or two, you can make them yourself or professionally. You can print whatever romantic gesture you want.

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