10 Animals, Which we are Most Afraid Of

10. Wolves

There are many people who are afraid of wolves. A wolf can cause fear even the most calm and rational person. In addition, they run twice as fast as Olympic champions, and can knock down a predator that weighs five times as much to themselves, that is to say about the man. Despite these daunting facts, the threat of human life posed by a wolf - a fairy tale. There are no documented cases of wild wolf killing a person, in fact, they fear us more than we do. For all that, do not yet test this theory in practice. 09 more animals after the break...

09. Mice

Mouse - this is one creature that scared people more than their men. However, this kid, scurrying to the kitchen floor, can make some people scream in terror. Despite the fact that they are more or less harmless, the fact that female mice can every three weeks to give life to about 11 pups, really makes squeal of fear. Mice can also cause damage to the economy when their number exceeds the limit, it leads to damage in the millions of dollars. Pretty impressive for such a small rodent-sized!

08. Piranhas

If you've ever had to recreate the Amazon, you may have seen with my own eyes, these "nice" playing the fish. Notorious piranhas known for special reputation when it comes to chew something, but often many are wrong to say about these fish. Yes, indeed, the predator may be in a few minutes away with the carcass of a cow, but it should be emphasized that they usually prefer to feed on already dead animals, and on other fish, they move only in the event that eat carrion they can not. However, with their sharp teeth for fast sweeps all in its path, it is better, being in South America, stay away from them.

07. Grizzly bears

He can outrun the best of Olympic champions in running, his height over 10 feet and weighs more than seven adult men. He has "steel" jaw, which can easily bite through bone, its strength is so great that at one stroke paw he can kill a person. Although the grizzly bear attacks on people recorded a negligible amount (tourists may soon perish from the fallen tree on them), this beast is the horror of the forest.

06. White sharks

The same reputation as piranhas did Amazon have all the oceans of the world because of great white sharks. This huge fish, 20 feet in length, equipped with two tons of muscle and teeth and has a serious appetite. Despite its size, it moves very quickly and swims five times faster than the fastest swimmers. While many of the facts and films such as "Jaws" might make you think that all sharks - are monsters. In fact, of the 350 species of sharks do not half grow by more than three feet, and, despite the hype in the press worldwide each year is fixed by no more than 100 shark attacks on humans. Moreover, many of the attacks occur as a result of the fact that a person of curiosity you want to check whether a shark bite.

05. Bats

In horror films the bats paid much more attention than any other animal. As a result, the reputation they have earned themselves a blood-sucking assassin. However, of more than 1,000 species of bats, only 3 are really vampires and drink blood. Some properties that people ascribe bats do not really have no grounds. Most bats are active at night, the rest of the days they spend in their caves, hanging upside down.

04. Spiders

It does not matter what kind it was a spider in question, but most of them cause fear in many people. This fear even has a name: arachnophobia. Some of arachnophobia is so much fear that the mere sight of even a picture of eight hairy legs and spider eye they begin to panic. Most spiders are unlikely to ever bite a person, but there are five species, which are so active a poison that can kill.

03. Bees

It should be noted that in the U.S. alone more than two million people suffer from severe allergies to bee stings. For some special "neschastlivchikov" bite can be deadly, and it will all happen in less than five minutes. Fear increases when approaching a swarm of bees. However, no one is safe from their attacks, so one can only hope that the encounter with them is not necessary.
02. Snakes

If you are a snake you start to shake, you're not alone: ??more than half the world's population is afraid of moving reptiles. Bites only 10 percent of all snakes are poisonous, but, unfortunately, about 30,000 people die each year from their bites. In this case, is not fully understood how dangerous or that the snake. There are, of course, and the obvious facts, such as, for example, that adult king cobra has enough venom to kill an elephant, once it bites.

01. Parasitic worms
Do not underestimate the parasitic worms, they are really the most terrible creatures in the animal world, because it literally eats a person inside. One of the most exotic types, blood worm, live in the tropics, and enters the body through the skin. There he goes with the flow to the bladder, where it can live for over 30 years. These worms lay eggs regularly, which eventually may lead to rupture of the bladder wall. It is also worth noting that one in four people on the planet is a parasitic worm carrier who lives with him in the stomach and eats what eats the host.

Moreover, many of us are home to filarial worm, thin as a hair and long finger with the parasite, which settled in the lymph nodes and feeds on body fluids. The worst thing that a person may not even suspect the presence in his body of worms, not to mention their location.

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