Pictures of Bottle Caps

American artist began painting at the age of thirty years and is a self-taught. Almost ten years have seen a case, which defined the main direction of her work for years to come. Molly Bee Wright (Molly B. Right) was born in North Carolina, but in the age of six moved to Charleston in South Carolina. Live and work here so far. One day, Molly drew the attention of the rusting iron sheet. The artist decided to use it to create a picture, but as a halo for copies of the "Shroud of Turin," she decided to use the bottle caps. The idea is very pleased and the next year Molly has created several works consisting entirely of covers. On one such artist in mosaic leaves from three to seven thousand caps. The average size of works ranging from 2 to 4 square meters, and weight (with sheet iron-base) is not less than 50 kg. 26 more images after the break...

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