Life in the Bus

It turns out that the bus can not only move, but it is possible to live! So, for example, does the young American family.

After the wedding, Mike and Natalie Young decided to travel on their own bus, which concurrently serves them domom.U bus even has a name - Rosie. Now an amazing bus-house stands in the courtyard of a family of friends in Austin, but he was soon to leave for Washington. Family accompanies a good friend Atlas - dog, whom they rescued not so long ago. 06more images after the break...
The kitchen in the back of the bus.

Curtains on magnets attached to the roof, away from prying eyes closed bedroom.

On the bus home, a cozy atmosphere created by natural light from multiple windows.

Bus on the move, and it can go anywhere.

Atlas thrive in such a house.

Young couple has no plans to move into a house or apartment, they are quite satisfied with housing on wheels.

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