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 Salman Khan On His Bicycle Riding Away On The Streets Of Mumbai — Famous for his ‘real’ life and ‘reel’ life antics, Bollywood star Salman Khan is a fitness enthusiast too. According to reports, Salman is all set to take part in the Mumbai Cyclothon at Bandra Reclamation, which is promoted by the actor’s ‘Being Human’ foundation. The cyclothon is aimed at encouraging the practice of cycling in Mumbai. News has it that Salman will be participating in the event as he confirmed his presence by saying, “for quite a bit... but not the whole distance”. 06 more images after the break...

Taking to a news daily about his love for cycling, Salman said, “Cycling gives me a kick. Anything that increases momentum is a high, besides which it’s a damn good form of cardio and the best way to prevent pollution. Everybody in the city can afford a cycle. Go on, get one, it keeps you fit, and in Mumbai’s peak hour traffic — you reach your destination faster. When I travel by car, I’m on the phone, but when I cycle to a shoot, I get my workout done on the journey, and my evening is free.”

Interestingly, Salman is a huge cycling aficionado, who often loves peddling his ways to movie shoots. Salman adds, “It takes me around 54 minutes, which is less than a cardio workout. And I cycle like the postman or a doodhwal, slowly, I don’t bhagao the bike.”

For starters, he advices that, “The first three-four days, your butt will be sore, but that’s like in any other exercise. Don’t give up.”

For Salman, cycling is the best exercise that helps in retaining youth as he adds, “People past their youth, get it back once they get onto a bike. For anything in life, if you have the enthusiasm and interest, there’s no way old age will get you. In the future, if all that I have is gone, the cycle will still be there... so it’s best that I get used to it.”

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