Old Pics of Bangkok — 1950s

Probably many will be interested to see what looked like Bangkok in 1950.
Postwar Thailand, remaining deeply feudal country, got into a zone of U.S. influence and actively develop the business. Earning all they could. First, a series of images taken by photographer Dmitri Kessel U.S. in 1951.
These cute trams are now replaced by high-speed monorails. 15 more after the break...

America everywhere, Superman in Bangkok 1951

Bangkok traffic 1951

A boat traffic in Bangkok, and today looks exactly the same.

Thai dancers in 1951

Old Bangkok at sunset.

This was the last shot in a series of Kessel. Now fast forward to 1956.
Life in Bangkok became more fun.

Notice how significantly updated car park for 5 years.

But to skyscrapers in the city is still very far.
Bangkok-1950s in color
This was Bangkok in 1956

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