Animals with Extraordinary Qualities

The strongest animal

The strongest animal in the world is copepods. Being just one millimeter in length of copepods is the strongest and fastest multi-cellular creature. Relative to their size, copepods move with the highest acceleration of the body relative to the length of a second. Scientists are now studying prygatelnye ability of the animal to be used in the technology of robots. Copepod is 10-30 times stronger than any machine or an animal in the world.

They were born with extraordinary qualities, and each of them is exceptional in its own way. Here are the most powerful, poisonous, loud, fast, long and old representatives of the animal world. 14 more after the break...

The most high-profile animal

Blue whales produce the loudest sounds in the world using low-frequency pulses, whose intensity has a noise to 188 decibels. The cries of blue whales can be heard at a distance of 800 km. Blue whales also are the largest animals.

The most Deadly  Insect

The female mosquito is the deadliest creature in the world. These mosquitoes that carry malaria, every year killed more than a million people around the world.

The most Poisonous

 One kubomeduza with 60 tentacles, though the length of each of them is 4.5 meters, has enough poison to kill 60 adult humans.

The oldest animal
 The oldest reptile is a Galapagos giant tortoise, which can live for more than 175 years. However, among the oldest animals have such representatives as the oceanic Venus - Clam, who lived to 405 years.

The fastest aquatic mammal
 The fastest water mammal is the Dall's porpoise, which can swim 56 km per hour.

The longest pregnancy in animals
 In Asian elephants duration of pregnancy is 19-22 months.

The most intelligent animal

 The most intelligent animals, except man, is the chimpanzee, followed by a dolphin.

The longest migration of all Birds

 In arctic tern is the longest migration of all birds. They overcome a distance of 22 400 km. Among mammals, the champions of migration are the gray whales and northern elephant seals, who every year are the way to 20 900 km round trip.

The highest flying bird

Mountain geese - the most high flying birds. There is evidence that they can fly at an altitude of 10.175 meters and above.

The slowest animal

Garden snail slowest animal, which is 48 meters per hour.

The highest and longest land animal

The longest and highest terrestrial animal is the giraffe. It can grow to 6 feet in height, which is approximately equivalent to a two-story building.

The fastest Bird

The fastest bird of prey animals is the peregrine falcon. It can reach speeds up to 321 km per hour.

The smallest insect

Wasps crumbs mimaridy - is the most small insects, whose size is about 0.46 mm.

The longest animal 
Animals are the longest nemertean worms, species Lineus longissimus. The longest of representative reaches 55 meters in length.

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