10 Most Expensive Celebrity Auctions

I think we should all agree to the fact that sometimes we do get green with envy simply because the celebrities apparently have it all starting from the huge villa’s on spacious estates and the best cars money can buy, the chance to wear the most expensive ensembles and what not! Well I have a news flash for you guys, not only do the triump with fame during their lifestime, even after they die, they continue to benefit from that success.

How so you might ask! Well, the stuff that they own is auctioned after they die, for so much more than its actual buying price and certainly the earnings go to the family. Although I must admit that sometimes the proceedings do go to charity but oh well! Here is a list of some of the most famous celebrity auctions ever.

01. Dorothy Gale’s Ruby Slippers

Considering that fact that he is a guy, when David Elkouby paid $666,000  for the pair of red pumps that Dorothy wore in the Wizard of Oz, it really did come as a shock as that is one hefty price a male pays for a pair of pumps. 09 more after the break...

02. Elvis Presley’s Lock of Hair

We all know that he was pretty famous for his more than tamed lock of hair. What most of us are unaware off however, is the fact that a lock of his hair was sold for $115,000. Sold in 2002, it was even more than the combined price of the hair of many celebrities like John F. Kennedy even!

03. The Dukes of Hazzards General Lee

Bo Duke was played by John Schneider in the movie “The Dukes of Hazzard” and the success is evident from the fact that when he eventually sold of his own car, it went for an amazing $9,900,500!

04. Keith Moon’s Drumset

As long as some of the proceedings go to charity or help the poor, we have absolutely no issue with the fact that a drum set can sell for $252,487 simply because it was made specially for Keith moon!

05. William Shakespeare’s Autograph

Apparently, the autograhos of the man who gave us Hamlet, can be sold from anywhere between $3,000,000 to $5,000,000. My jaw literally dropped of shock when I read this! Who wants to write literature now?

06. The Maltese Falcon

The falcon that the film Humphrey Bogart, literally revolved around actually sold off for $389,500 when it was put to auction. I guess that puts to rest the mystery right!

07. Buddy Holly’s Glasses

Buddy Holly was a pretty famous singer who passed away in 1959 but his glasses, when put to auction, were sold off for $80,000. Is someone wondering how they can impersonate their own specs to look like the ones the Iron man wore in The Avengers and then auction them off! Handsome way to earn eh?

08. Andy Warhol’s Wig 

Apparently there is no end to the craze of fans for their beloved celebrties because in the year 2006, Andy’s wig, which he wore for reasons that were more than obvious, sold for a whooping amount of $10,600! It came with the three strips that he used to stick to his head – to someone it is treasure – to me it is EWW!

09. Mark Mcgwire’s Baseball

The bats-per-home-run ratio that this lad has, speaks volumes for his talent. No wonder when his baseball was auctioned, it attracted a whooping 3 million dollars and was old in 1999! Hats off!

10. Marilyn Monroe’s Dress 

Remember when Marilyn walked on stage, gliterring in a pearly white dress and sang “Happy Birthday Mr. President” for John F. Kennedy. Well this is the exact same dress and although it is priceless (orginally costing $12, 000) was auctioned for a heart stopping figure of $1, 267, 500.

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