Cyclists share water bottle with Thirsty Koala

Even though we had heard that native animals have been suffering in the heat wave conditions of the last week in Adelaide it came as a surprise to be stopped on the side of the road during a bike ride by a thirsty young koala04 more images after the break...

In the southern hemisphere the summer has just ended. It had been a really hot summer in Australia and the koala bear suffered a lot from the weather.  Koalas do not drink water, instead they get the water they need from the eucalyptus leaves that they eat. However, it was so hot that the koalas actually had to get water from humans.  The cyclists were surprised to see this koala approach them as they stopped to have a drink. The koala bear looked at them with thirsty eyes and they somehow got the message that the little guy was thirsty. They gave his the water bottle and he drank from it as if he had done so his whole life. The other koala is at a house. The owners of the home saw the koala approach and left a tub of water out for it. It not only had a drink but decided to cool off by jumping in! Link

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