10 Most Amazing Water Parks

01. Water park in an old Aircraft Hangar

Is summer, and it's time to get together with family or a group of friends and go to a warm pool or water park. Today, we'll tell you about the top ten most unusual and exciting water parks in the world. 09 more after the break...

Tropical Islands Resort - is the name of a huge entertainment complex located near the village of Ritsnoyendorf-Shtakov (Germany). Indoor water park settled under the roof of an old aircraft hangar, built before the Second World War. Once it was stored airships, and now people here are casually spend time splashing in the warm water pool.

 02. Water park under the wing of an Airplane.

 This water park is unusual in a town in Oregon. On the roof of an entertainment complex set this aircraft Howard Hughes HK-1. The interior of the building is also decorated in the style of aircraft. 

03. Floating sauna in the middle of the Vltava River in Prague. 

While this is a project that will be brought to life a few years. His vision is that in the very center of Prague to install a floating island, where anyone can visit the sauna cabins, swim in the pool or relax at the cafe.

04. NordPoolen - the northernmost water park. 

In the Swedish town of Boden is the northernmost water park in the world - NordPoolen. In addition to the warm indoor swimming pool there and the northern basins, which are in the open air among the snowdrifts.

05. Water Park in the Olympic Aquatic Cuba. 

 By the beginning of the Summer Olympic Games 2008 in Beijing, was built by the so-called "Water Club", which were training in swimming. After completion of the Olympic Games, the pool was not needed, and then it was decided to adapt it to a water park called Happy Magic Water Park. 

06. Water Park in the style of Disney. 

Disney company owns a network of theme parks that are located all over the world. Among them are the water park Disney's Blizzard Beach, which is located in Orlando (State of Miami). 

07. Inflatable mini-water park. 

Mobile Water Park Sports Park 60 is an inflatable structure that includes a mini-pools, slides, trampolines and other entertainment. An excellent solution for those resorts that can not afford to build a large water park. 

08. Waterpark at the bottom of the pit. 

Sunway Lagoon Water Park in Kuala Lumpur was founded in the bottom of an old granite quarry, so all the water park facilities, including a waterfall, a very natural look. 

09. Serpentine water park.

 Ride on a huge naturalistic cobra can be in the water park Hurricane Harbor, located in New Jersey. 

10. The world's largest water park. 

The title of the largest water park in the world won the Ocean Dome, located on the island of Kyushu, Japan. The building water park can accommodate 10,000 people. Sliding roof space that allows you to soak up the sun on sunny days and shelter from rain and snow in bad weather.

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