10 Smartest Dog Breeds

 Everyone knows that dogs are one of the most intelligent animals on the planet and the most intelligent creatures who live near us.However, the researchers found that representatives of some species differ in specific intellectual abilities. Find out what the most intelligent breeds of dogs. 10 smartest dog breeds after the break...
01. Australian Cattle Dog

As you can guess from the name, this breed of dogs brought to Australia. The dog runs "shepherd", that is watching the cattle in the pastures, has amazing mental abilities, heightened alertness, ingenuity, is able to faithfully protect the owner and his property. They are very mobile, strong and active dog, loves all things new. Due to the fact that it was too bored in one place, the dogs can look for adventure, something to entertain themselves. However, herding dogs are able to organize themselves, and even known cases where they put their toys in place after the play with them.

02. Rottweiler

Rottweilers in Germany, brought to man was a good companion. Basically, they are kept for protection, some Rottweilers are "working with the police." Dogs are known for their stoicism, keen perception, courage and unflagging devotion to his master.

03. Papillon

 This deceptively cute little dog with ears, butterflies are much smarter, stronger and tougher than it might seem. The breed is often described as "a big dog in a small body," because they have the athletic stamina, can long walk. Papillon is a good companion and caretaker, will fiercely defend what belongs to him and the dog can take a rest and to any other place. Dogs are easily trained, and, for example, they can be taught to throw garbage, which is an added plus.

04. Labrador

 Labrador is sometimes affectionately called the "Lab", this dog is perfect for families. Another member of the working class dog, Labrador is known for his intellectual abilities, attachment to the hosts, patience, nobility. Dogs love to play with children, they are easy to train. Labradors are also used to search for the missing items, or save people, they help in police work, as well as an excellent guide dogs. It often happens that labradors, observing the behavior of the host, can copy it - it's a great ability to help in emergency situations.

05. Collie

 Another shepherd breed - Sheltie or collie, can demonstrate their ability to secure the guard, even if you live in the house. These dogs are distinguished by diligence, can quickly learn the new commands, they do not have a long and tedious train. They show great devotion to family and thrive anywhere.

06. Doberman Pinscher

 Thanks to the innate fearlessness and excellent endurance Doberman is one of the most popular guard dogs. Smart and confident, they are easily taming, well obey the owner. Because of his past military and police dogs, Dobermans have a reputation as a rather menacing dogs, but they can be nice and kind. People often give birth to this breed of dogs because of loyalty to his master and beautiful appearance.

07. Golden Retriever

 This is a very popular breed of dog known for its intelligence. Retrievers can store up to 200 different commands, which allows them to be essential companions of man, as in the home and at work. Devotees nice and patient, always ready to serve retrievers and love to learn something new.

08. German shepherd

 Originally this breed was taken as an intellectual dog. Intelligent, courageous and faithful, Shepherd is highly dependent on partners. It can learn the commands, just repeating them several times, and obey commands from virtually the first time. They love to learn new things, because it gives them direction and purpose, which is very important for the German Shepherd. Besides the fact that dogs are used as herding, they can also be protective, police, detective-saving and dogs. They often use the military for parachute jumps.

09. Poodle

 Poodles easy to learn, they are very loyal, have a sharp mind, so they can often be seen in the company of a man. Despite the fact that the poodles are often treated as a decorative dog, make it a special cut, decorate, these dogs are well able to protect the host, especially the standard size poodles. They are good swimmers and hunt, they are docile and easy to taming and love creative play. It is the latter feature makes it an important breed poodles for use in the circus, but it could be a problem. If you leave one bored poodle, he will look for ways to entertain themselves.

10. Border Collie

Border Collie can be regarded as the smartest breed of dogs. Due to its unique mental abilities and a high level of energy, the dog should always have a lesson or a specific target. If you leave your dog to itself in an apartment, you can find your home in complete disarray after coming home. Do Border Collies have a strong attachment to the person, so they make good companion dog. It should be remembered that the dog feel better next to the energetic, full of energy in human beings. They will be happy to take part in sports, love to be active.

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