After death 10 functions of the body that continues

The body going back in a matter of minutes, hours, days or even weeks after his death. Yes, the article is not intended for people with weak stomachs.

01. The growth of hair and nails

The growth of hair and nails is more of a technical function. The body no longer produces fabrics for the growth of hair and nails, but they both continue to “grow” and after his death. In fact, the skin loses moisture, and just recedes, exposing the hair and nails seem more compelling long. Since we measure the length of the hair and nails from their ends, to the point where the skin starts, then when the skin is receding, they begin to seem longer. 09 more after the break...

02. Brain activity (using medications)

 One side effect of modern technology is the erosion of time between life and death. The brain can almost completely die, but the heart can continue to pump blood. Or if your heart stops, the lungs stop breathing, and people have already died, most doctors will announce the fact of death, only a few minutes later, when the brain dies. These minutes after cardiac arrest brain uses for so desperately trying to find the oxygen and nutrients necessary for the life of the brain. Until such time as they lead to a lack of irreversible changes in the brain, which does not help, even restarting the heart. It is a state of irreversible damage to the use of certain drugs in certain circumstances can be extended even for a few days. In theory, this could give doctors a chance you get, but no guarantees.

03. The growth of skin cells

This is another function, where different parts of the body die at different rates. Although the cessation of blood flow can kill brain for a few minutes, other cells not in need of constant care. Skin cells, which are used to living on the edge of the body, get everything you need through osmosis, and may remain alive for several days. Well, they have no brain, or they, the poor and doomed, it would be very sorry.

04. Urination

Urination seems to us, – an arbitrary function. And we are mostly right, except when well, very funny. Refraining from urinating, however – an involuntary function. We never even have to think, because it is always responsible for a certain area of the brain. This is the site which is occupied by the regulation of respiration and heart of man, which is one of the reasons why people are prone to involuntary urination while intoxicated. Inhibited the part that supports the bladder sphincter closed. (More alcohol will stop work center that regulates breathing and heartbeat, which is one of the arguments about the dangers of excessive alcohol consumption). Although rigor mortis causes the muscles stiffen, it comes only a few hours after death. Immediately after death the muscles relax, causing the post-mortem urine.

05. Defecation

We all know that in times of emotional stress the body gets rid of wastes, often in front of others or of the cameras. The body relaxes certain muscles, and the situation is … growing. In the case of a dead body, go the whole affair promotes gas produced inside the body. This can happen after a few hours after death. Hours. Taking into account that the fetus can also empty the gut in the womb (it’s true!), It can be both the first and the last thing that we do in life. Makes you look at things broadly, is not it?

06. Digestion

It turns out that when you die, except that you select the material you are actively doing something else. Or at least something that does something else. We forget that we divide our bodies with lots of other creatures, many of which are useful. The bacteria inside your gut does not die just because you died. While many of them belong to parasites, some of them are great aides digestion and do the work for us. They continue to blow, even when we have nowhere to deader. Others eat the contents of our intestines, releasing more gas advancing the case that inspired all of us disgusted in the sixth paragraph.

07. Erection and ejaculation

When the heart ceases to drive the body to the blood, it is accumulated in all areas of the body that are at the bottom. Sometimes people die standing up, and sometimes – lying face down. Probably anyone here have enough capacity to orient in space, to understand what kind of accumulation of blood that would condone. Meanwhile, the relaxation of muscles after death, which was mentioned, does not last forever. Certain types of muscle cells are activated by calcium ions. Once activated, the cells consume energy, deriving from a calcium ions. After the death of the membrane becomes more permeable to calcium, and the cells do not spend on the ejection of ions out so much energy, so the muscles contract. This leads to rigor mortis, and can cause ejaculation. So really it is. Now, let’s no longer going to come back to this.

08. The movement of the muscles

Even if the brain has died, the remaining parts of the nervous system can remain active. The nurses reported their observations of reflexes, implying the transfer of nerve signals in the spinal cord, not brain, which leads to a post-mortem muscle cramps and spasms. Some even say that they saw the death of the surface motion of the chest.

09. Vocalization

Our bodies are in essence – the bags of gas and liquid, supported by the bones (which are also filled with liquid). Decay occurs when the bacteria are taken to work, and the share of gas increases. Because we carry most of the bacteria in our body, the amount of gas inside increases. We have presented a variety of ways in which it emerges. One is a path through the trachea. As rigor mortis extends to the muscles that are responsible for the operation of the vocal cords, all taken together leads to a rather eerie sounds emanating from non-living bodies. People hear wafting from the dead moaning, sighs and squeaks, but I do not understand why they remain in place to confirm that published their body is actually dead, instead of what would have wet his pants and flee for their lives.

10. Childbearing

Good God. The worst scene from “Twilight” and next to it was not. At a time when people are dead like flies, a number of women dying during pregnancy, and sometimes – when it was too cold to bring them to the ground. This has created a charming notion: “to give birth in a coffin.” Accumulate within the body of the gases in conjunction with the softening of the tissue was drawn, as mentioned, the expulsion of the fetus (non-viable, approx. from the body. Such cases were rare, and overgrown with a lot of speculation, but documented in the days when there was no corresponding embalming and rapid burial. Sounds like something from a book by Edgar Allan Poe, but this really took place. And this is another argument in favor of all of us rejoice that we live in today’s world.

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