American Landscapes — Photos of Timothy O’Sullivan

Canyon De Sheyi, 187

 In the 1860-1870's of the photographer Timothy O’Sullivan has created one of the most famous collections of images in American history. Photos of Timothy O’Sullivan | Library of Congress. 18 more images after the break...

National Monument Canyon de Sheyi in northeastern Arizona, 1873

Two "hill" near the town of Green River, Wyoming, 1872

Tufa rocks in the lake in Nevada, 1867

Mountain valley in Colorado, 1872

Shoshone Falls, Idaho, 1874

The Colorado River in the canyon Iceberg, 1871

Wooden road for trucks, leading to a gold-mining, Illinois, 1871

Canyons in Utah, 1872

Canyon in Colorado, 1872

Rock formations, Wyoming, 1872

Photo Shoshone Falls, Idaho, 1868

National Monument El Morro, New Mexico, 1873

Wooden houses in a town in the state of Utah, 1873:

During the expedition the team photographer O’Sullivan (fourth from left) were soldiers, scientists and artists. In the picture also depicted three locals and the Colorado River. 1871:

Old Church, New Mexico, 1873-year

Together with the white settlers in the West have come and disease. Fighting between Indians and white settlers continued throughout the XIX century. Nevada, 1867:

Wild West was inhabited by the Indians, Utah, 1872.

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