Fascinating Cafe in the World

01. Cafe-bar Big Baobab Bar

Cafe-bar Big Baobab Bar - (Limpopo, South Africa) - What could be better than a glass of soft drink in the shade of a big tree? Properly skip this cup inside a tree. This cafe is located inside a giant baobab tree - a symbol of South Africa, whose age is about six thousand years, and a circle of 47 meters. 04 more cafe after the break... 
02. Cafe Red Sea Star - (Israel)

Cafe Red Sea Star - (Israel) - even better than hiding from the heat in the shade of trees, hiding from it under water. It was under water at the bottom of the Red Sea and a café Red Sea Star. To be precise, it is both the water and below a depth of 5 meters, so that every visitor can decide himself, he likes to sit.

03. Cafe-bar - Museum HR Giger Bar - Gryuyger, Switzerland

Cafe-Bar - Museum HR Giger Bar - (Gryuyger, Switzerland) - the cafe will delight all fans of the cult movie series "Alien", because, in fact, it is a museum of the artist HR Giger, who was its permanent designer. All the decoration is in the form of various stylized bones of the human body.

04. Cafe - Dinner in the Sky - Brussels, Belgium

Cafe - Dinner in the Sky - (Brussels, Belgium) - for those who like to eat in the open air will love Cafe Dinner in the Sky. The air you will be surrounded on all sides, because you are invited to dine at a height of 50 meters at a table suspended by a crane.

05. Cafe - Bollesje - Rüdesheim, Germany

Cafe - Bollesje - (Rüdesheim, Germany) - this place is located in the former prison, and, of course, is decorated in an appropriate style. First enter the room, you will have to be fingerprinted and listen to the rules of conduct. However, the prison is like a general decor and hats prisoners. So do not think that you have, there are plenty of pewter spoon bowl some prison soup - the menu here is quite decent.

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