Monument for Steve Jobs in Odessa

This monument is situated in Odessa on the occasion of first death anniversary of Steve Jobs. Two-meter hand made from scrap local craftsman Cyril Maksimenko. 07 images after the break...

Jobs decided to immortalize with scrap metal. Collected from the piece of iron hand with outstretched fingers. Inside the hole left in the form of corporate bitten apple.

Sculpture by collecting almost a year. Material - gears, bolts, bearings and other small parts of bicycles, motorcycles and cars. Total - about 300 kg of scrap metal. All worked out in detail - on the hand are clearly distinguished phalanges and nails.

This - the first monument in the CIS founding father of Apple. According to rumors, the monument will be illuminated at night by neon light, and the area around it will make free wi-faille. 

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