Top 10 Most Amazing World Tunnels

01. This unusual tunnel can be seen in Sequoia National Park in California. Tunnel carved into a tree, which fell in 1937. Rather than take it off the road, park administration has decided to make it a tunnel. The tunnel is 5.18 meters wide and 2.44 meters in height. 09 more tunnels after the break...

02. Tunnel Prairie Lights in Texas. The tunnel, which is located in a beautiful park Lynn Creek, burning more than 4 million lights. Visitors will be surprised to see a very large color tunnel in the world.

03. It is a beautiful tunnel of trees is located in Ukraine in Kleve. The tunnel is called the " Tunnel of Love . " Picture taken by Oleg Gordienko.

04. The road through the Rock, Red Rock Canyon, Utah, USA.

05. This must be one of the most surreal, psychedelic and fun forms of public transport. Tunnel connects East Nanjin Rd and Pudong. A journey into a flashing glass capsule, which has a length of 647 meters.

06. This building was used as an exhibition center and the School of Art for 30 years. Now it has to be demolished and in its place erected a new building. As a farewell, local artists Dan Havel (Dan Havel) and Dean Cancer (Dean Ruck) turned it into an installation called "inversion." Using the board for the facade of the building, they have created a funnel vortex. This is a great opportunity to see a black hole, not feeling its effects.

07. Would you like to market your town looks the same? Residents of Rotterdam, Netherlands, was lucky to have such a market. The mayor of the city announced the construction market in the form of a tunnel. Construction will festooned huge plasmas featuring fresh fruit. And on the perimeter of the market will be located apartments with balconies. This is a lively place that will house apartments, shops, restaurants and public markets will truly be a favorite in the city for locals and tourists. The project is designed and implemented Provast MVRDV. The new face of Rotterdam will be ready by 2014.

08. This stunning tunnel of flowers, known as Wisteria, located in Kawachi Fuji Garden in Kitakyushu, Japan.

09. Unusual tunnel against runoff or rockfall.

10. Underwater tunnel in the center of L'Oceanografic, Valencia, Spain.

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