Top 10 YouTube Facts You Need to Know

So you think you know YouTube? Well, considering you're probably using it now as you're reading this, that's a fair statement. Still, there's more to learn friendo, and Heavy has you covered with the ten things you have to know come the technological apocalypse.

01. 4 Billion Videos are Watched Every Day

That's right, 4 billion. That includes everything the over 800 million different users YouTube enjoys every month, not to mention the astonishing 3 billion hours of video that are added every month. There is literally more video and information available on YouTube every 60 days than was created in 60 years by the three major television networks. 09 more after the break...
02. Originally was Slated for Online Dating 

The creators of the tube originally wanted to make a dating site called “Tune In Ho0k Up", which was to be heavily influenced by the site Hot0rNot. After testing the waters, there was a consensus that this was not the way to go. What could have been.

03. The First Video is About Elephants...or Something

Me at the zoo
The first video put up on face book was entitled Me at the zoo , and was footage of YouTube co-founder Jawed Karim discussing elephant trunks while visiting the San Diego Zoo. This riveting short film has wracked up over 9 million views at this point. It was uploaded at 8:27PM on Saturday April 23rd, 2005.

04. It's Not UTUBE

Universal Tube & Rollform got the worst of this one. Initially people were attempting to type the address phonetically, which caused mass confusion for customers of both companies. After a lawsuit by the U was thrown out, they changed their address to Utubeonline, and Utube is now a redirecting page for people who suffer this folly.

05. Thank You Janet Jackson

 "We do this for the future Justin"

For those of us that remember the great boobgate scandal of Super Bowl XXXVIII, this event served as a launching point for the site. When Karim was unable to find footage of the previously mentioned Jackson's nipple, it inspired him to help create the site we use to today.

06. 92 Billion Page Views Per Month

 That's with an average user visiting the site 14 times a month, and staying around 25 minutes per visit. Now that's not enough as some other social networking site, but it's still a pretty nice chunk of time in your life you'll never get back.

07. Three Homies

 Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim all were buds from their old job, you know, that little thing called PayPal. When that got bought out by those fat cats over at Ebay, all the boys got bonuses. Sure, they could have gone to Cabo, but that's so 1998, and this was 2005! So that cash went into the conception of the YouTube.
08. Across the Pond

"We have the YouTuben!!!!"

Nearly 70% of YouTube's traffic comes from outside the good old USA. In fact the site is localized in 36 countries, across 54 different languages. Who did you think was posting all those soccer videos?

09. It's Got Definition

Although only 10% of the sites videos are broadcast in HD, that's more than any other on the net. This includes thousands of full length films and television programs.

10. Advertising Pays the Bills

With ad space for over 10,000 companies including Disney, Turner, and Univision, they've got the department covered. Not to mention the nearly 3 billion video views per week the site is monetizing.Via

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