USA Election Illustrated Using Fast Food

Soon after the US election was over, Berlin-based artists Lisa Rienermann and Anna Lena Schiller decided to create an infographic illustrating the most important facts about the US presidential election. The duo decided that burgers and fries, the stereotypical American meal, was the most appropriate medium for visualization.

The project, named "Binders Full of Burgers," is a reference to the Internet meme sparked by a Mitt Romney debate response about how he used "binders full of women" to find female staff for his cabinet as governor of Massachusetts. Using burgers as pie-charts and mustard and ketchup to write and draw graphs, the images illuminate how many Americans have the right to vote, and how big the turnout will likely be, among other things. Further images show poll results illustrated with zigzagging lines of ketchup and mustard. The illustrators use hot dogs, of Frankfurters, to illustrate contributions made by German corporations to the the Obama and Romney campaigns, and fries to depict countries whose names came up most often in the presidential debate on foreign policy. 13 more images after the break... 

This isn't the first time that the duo has used food to explore statistics. They did the same with "Election Waffles" to illustrate the 2011 Berlin state parliamentary vote.

"We hope that the pictures once again provide a different approach to the really dry numbers," said Rienermann. If you are wondering what they did with all the food once the photo shoot was over, Rienermann said, "We ate everything in the end".

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